Vendor Compliance

Vendor Compliance and Order Management


We Manage Everything

We manage your supplier, item, order and shipping details to ensure what you order is what you receive


Project Management

We manage different projects

Mairtrans International | Our Services

At Mairtrans International we offer a wide range of practical and necessary shipping services to persons and companies either receiving/clearing goods at or shipping goods from Jamaican ports. Our scope of operations is global, having partnered strategically with a number of international Principals and thus ensuring that we can manage the affairs of our clients at many of the major ports around the world. Our list of shipping services includes:

  • Vendor Compliance and Order Management
  • We manage your supplier, item, order and shipment details to ensure what you order is what you receive.
  • Global Information Management
  • We track events and milestones, report progress and exceptions, and alert you when action is required.
  • Global Distribution Management
  • Our comprehensive portfolio of services includes consolidation, pick and pack, pre-distribution, warehousing, customs clearance and even integrated solutions for end-to-end handling.
  • Regulatory Compliance Management
  • We manage and monitor your documents to ensure accuracy in comparison with your purchase order, and to track your customs clearance progress.
  • Transportation Management
  • We manage local and international transportation so your products are delivered at the right time, to the right place, in the right way.
  • Project Management.
  • We execute de-installation, repackaging and re-shipment for clients products.


Here are some other services that Mairtrans provides to its customers.